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Cathy, Owner

I have always had a passion for the hair industry.

My sister-in-law, Becky, was a hairstylist and my inspiration to get into the world of hair. I have fond memories of sitting in her salon and watching her every move as she cut, colored, and permed our hair. I used to practice on all my Barbie dolls, and I’ll admit, some of them turned out looking a little strange. But, by the 7th grade, I had advanced to practicing my haircuts and styles on my friends and family. I had no idea what I was doing but somehow it usually turned out pretty good.

It wasn’t until my senior year at Ball State University with a major in

Business and Accounting that I realized my true passion. I could no longer see myself sitting behind computer crunching numbers for the rest of my life; I decided to follow my passion and go to cosmetology school. I knew I wanted to be able to make people feel as beautiful I felt when Becky finished my hair. So, I moved to Bloomington, IN and attended Hair Arte Academy in the fall of 1988 with a goal to someday own my own salon. In 1990 I moved to Carmel and began my career as a hairstylist.

In 2000, I achieved my goal of salon ownership when I opened CK Designs Hair Salon on Main Street in Downtown Carmel. Finally, my background in business could marry with my cosmetology license to achieve the perfect combination.

The goal of CK Designs has always been to employ passionate Hair Designers with a focus on educating themselves to be their very best! This passion for all things hair has always been paired with a desire to provide outstanding customer service. My team is my family and our guests are like family too … with several them being with us since the beginning. The tenure of both our guests and stylists speaks volumes about our commitment to these qualities.

While I love all aspects of hair, I specially love …

  • creating amazing blondes that grow out subtly and soft while looking natural and never brassy.  

  • cutting and styling thick hair and transforming it to soft, supple, and shiny hair.

  • cutting men’s hair and creating the perfect style that is customized to their needs.

  • and cutting long hair that flows softly by adding just the right amount of texture.

My goal is that every one of my guests leaves the salon with a style that is created just for them and their needs as well as knowledge of products that will help them recreate their look at home.  








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